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DARWIN, Charles. Rôle des vers de terre dans la formation de la terre végétale. 

Paris, C. Reinwald, 1882.

Un volume in-8 (225x140 mm), xxviii-264 pages et 20 pages du catalogue éditeur.  reliure : Pleine percaline verte éditeur, dos lisse orné et doré portant le titre doré. Une mouillure en coin sur l'ensemble du volume.

Première édition en français, assez rare.

références: Garrison [ 8913 (ed. 1881) : " Darwin's last book, published only 6 months before his death, but reporting on a subject that he had studied for more than 50 years. "He showed the services performed by earthworms in eating leaves and grinding earth in their gizzards and turning it into fertile soil, which they constantly sift and turn over down to a depth of twenty inches form the surface, thereby aerating it. He calculating from the weight of worm-casting that on one acre in one year's time eighteen tons of soil are brought up to the surface by worms. This was a pioneer study of quantaitative ecology" (Gavin de Beer in D.S.B.) "].

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