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DARWIN, Charles. L'expression des émotions chez l'homme et les animaux. 

Paris, C. Reinwald et Cie, 1877.

Un volume in-8 (227x143 mm), (4)-vi-(2)-404 pages, 7 planches hors texte et 2 pages du catologue éditeur.  reliure : Pleine percaline verte éditeur, dos lisse orné et doré portant le titre doré. Quelques rousseurs.

Seconde édition en français.

références: Garrison [ 4975 (ed. 1872) : " Darwin examined the causes, physiological and psychological, of all the fundamental emotions in man and animals. He concluded that “the chief expressive actions exhibited by man and by the lower animals are now innate or inherited”, and that most of the movements of expression must have been gradually acquired. This is the only book by Darwin illustrated with photographs. It reproduces a number of photographs from Duchenne (No. 4973), and other photographs by Oscar Gustav Reijlander."].

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