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PETER, Michel. Traité clinique et pratique des maladies du coeur et de la crosse de l'aorte. 

Paris, J.-B. Baillière et fils, 1883.

Un volume in-8 (222x137 mm), xii-844 pages, 4 planches en couleurs hors texte avec leurs feuillets d'explications. Nombreuses illustrations in texte.  reliure : Demi chagrin de l'époque. Rares rousseurs, déchirure sans manque page 815. 

Édition originale.
Michel Peter, élève puis chef de clinique de Trousseau a été l'un des grands cardiologues de la fin du XIXe siècle.

références: Garrison & Morton [2788], themitralvalve. org/mitralvalve/charles-felix-michel-peter : " Michel Peter wrote a comprehensive chapter on mitral valve disease which included the state-of-the-art knowledge of his days. He also incorporated the graphic methods of Marey and discussed extensively the findings of sphygmography in patients with mitral valve stenosis or regurgitation.
An interesting part of this chapter is the discussion regarding functional mitral regurgitation. Peter believed that the latter was caused by the lack of contraction of the left ventricle ( "ATONIE du muscle ventriculaire gauche"). He was of the opinion that this ventricular dysfunction was often a temporary phenomenon. Peter strongly disagreed with the alternative hypothesis which was expressed by some of his colleagues. In his monograph, he wrote:
"...some have tried to demonstrate that the reason for insufficiency [functional mitral insufficiency] is the dilatation of the ventricle; as the chordae tendinae could not develop parallel to the ventricular dilatation, they would become too short and at the time of systole they would prevent the upward motion and the coaptation of the leaflets, leading to mitral insufficinecy. I personally believe, that this murmur of mitral insufficiency is not due to the dilatation of the orifice.., or to the dilatation of the ventricle, but it results in reality from the lack of contraction of the left ventricular muscle..."
This explanation that Peter refuted is the foundation ,nowadays, for the pathophysiology of mitral valve regurgitation in dilated and ischemic cardiomyopathy.".

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