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DARBOUX, Gaston. Leçons sur la théorie générale des surfaces et les applications géométriques du calcul infinitésimal. 

Paris, Gauthier- Villars, 1887-1896.

Quatre volumes in-8 (235x154 mm), vi-513-(3) pages / (6)-522 pages / viii-512 pages / viii-548 pages.  reliure : Demi chagrin rouge de l'époque. Très légers frottements.

Édition originale.

références: DSB [III, p.559 : "This collection of elegant essays on the application of analysis to curves and surfaces is held together by the author's deep understanding of the connections of various branches of mathematics. There are many applications and excursions into differential equations and dynamics. Among the subjects covered are that applicability and deformation of surfaces, the differential equation of Laplace and its applications and the study of geodesics and of minimal surfaces. Typical is the use of the moving trihedral."].

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