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BRAIKENRIDGE, Guiielmo. Exercitatio Geometrica de descriptione Linearum Curvarum. 

London, Nourse, 1733.

Un volume petit in quarto (235x190 mm), viii-70-(2) pages.  reliure : Cartonnage bradel moderne. 

Édition originale de cet ouvrage sur l'étude des courbes dans lequel on trouve publié pour la première fois le théorème de Braikenridge–Maclaurin.

références: DSB [II, p. 418 : " it is upon his Exercitatio geometrica de descriptione linearum curvarum (1733) that his reputation mainly rests. This work is divided into three parts, and its scope is indicated by their titles: “De descriptione curvarum primi generis seu linearum ordinis secundi,” “De descriptione linearum cujuscunque ordinis ope linearum ordinis inferioris,” and “Ubi describuntur sectiones conicae ope plurium rectarum circa polos moventium. (...) Many of Maclaurin’s theorems were discovered independently by Braikenridge, notably the Braikenridge–Maclaurin theorem: If the sides of a polygon are restricted so that they pass through fixed points while all the vertices except one lie on fixed straight lines, the free vertex will describe a conic or a straight line. A general statement of this appeared in 1735 in the Philosophical Transactions (no. 436), and a dispute at once arose regarding priority”].

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