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PASTEUR, Louis. Examen critique d’un écrit posthume de Claude Bernard sur la fermentation. 

Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1879.

Un volume in-8 (228x142 mm), xxiv-156 pages et 2 planches hors texte.  illustration : 12.  reliure : Broché. Couvertures imprimeur d'origine un peu salies. Exemplaire jamais lu, non découronné. 

Édition originale.

références: Heirs of Hippocrates [1900 : "Claude Bernard disagreed with Pasteur's (essentially correct) theory of fermentation and his notes on the subject were published in the Revue scientifique shortly after his death. They are reprinted here together with Pasteur's appraisal of Bernard's criticisms."], D.S.B. [II, p. 31 : "Bernard's last works concentrated on the nature of alcoholic fermentation. In them he distinguished two types of fermentation, one produced by intervention of a "figurative" ferment, the other produced by soluble ferments. Nevertheless, he hoped to reduce the activities of the former (Pasteur's ferments) to the soluble chemical principles of the latter (Berthelot's ferments). After Bernard's death, a series of his notes on alcoholic fermentation were made public by Berthelot ("La fermentation alcoolique. Dernières expériences de Claude Bernard", 1878). Pasteur, surprised and embittered, published a rather angry reply. There was truth and error on both sides. Today we know that Berthelot and Bernard were wrong in accepting spontaneous generation of yeast in a fermentable medium and that they were right, in contrast with Pasteur, in claiming the existence of a soluble ferment, not living but nevertheless capable of causing alcholic fermentation"], Normann [1660].

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