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HÉRODIEN || ZOSIME. ΗΡΩΔΙΑΝΟΥ ΙΣΤΩΡΙΑΝΟΥ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ . Η. Herodiani Histor. Lib. VIII. Cum Angeli Politiani Interpretatione, & huius partim Suplemento, partim Examine Henrici Stephani: utroque Margini adscripto. Eiusdem Henrici Stephani Emendationes quorundam Græci contextus Locorum, & quorundam Expositiones.
HISTORIARUM HEROdianicas subsequentium Libri duo, nunc primùm Græcè editi. 

[Genève], Henricus Stephanus, 1581.

4to (247x157 mm), (8)-182-(1)-(1bl.) pages / 79-(1bl.) pages.  binding : Contemporary full calf, gilt fillet on covers, spine gilt in six compartments. Covers decorated with a plant pattern. Rebacked. Two small tears, in margin, with lack on pages 27 and 29. A tear in margin, without lack on page 179. Minor stainings on the last two leaves of the volume.

The first book is the first critical edition of Herodian (170-around 250 AD), who was one of the great historians of Roman antiquity and one of the important historical sources for the period between the reigns of the emperors Gordian and Marcus Aurelius. Henri Estienne reworked the Latin and Greek translations, adding comments and additional notes.
The second book is the first edition of the first two books of the "Historia Nova" by Zosimus (Greek historian who lived at the end of the fifth century and the beginning of the sixth century). This book is an important historical source dedicated to the last centuries of the Western Roman Empire, which must be read and studied with some hindsight because Zosimus was known to be an anti-Christian fanatic pagan.

Latin and Greek text on two columns, opposite.
Very good typographic realizations by Henri Estienne.

references: Dibdin [II. 15 : "'an elegant, rare and critical edition], Brunet [III, 120.


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