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CITROËN, André. Lettre dactylographiée signée sur la Croisière jaune. 

s.l., s.n., 1931.

Typed two-page letter with three carbons. 180 x 240mm. Carbones slightly franged otherwise beautiful state of the whole. Small trace of rust from a paper clip at the top of the first page.

Important letter signed by André Citroën in which he asks Mr. Van Mill then leader of the Dutch subsidiary of Citroën to send a participation of 100,000 Florins to Georges-Marie Haardt for the preparation of the Croisière jaune.
"Cette croisière jaune, en raison de la publicité qu'elle procurera à notre marque, présente pour nous le plus grand intérêt."

The letter is dated March 6, 1931, it is accompanied by a short instruction on the modality of this participation and carbons of the letters sent by Van Mill to André Citroen (in response) and Haardt to confirm the payment of the sum . The set was probably recovered by Alfred Lucas during his transition to the management of Citroën Holland.


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