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[HEULIEZ || DUBERNARD || GREFFIER]. Dessins de concept-car pour Citroën. 

s.l., Heuliez, [1971].

16 photographic reproductions including 3 color Polaroid on cardboard (80 x110mm), 1 kodachrome (129 x 172mm), 1 kodachrome (135x240mm), 9 kodachromes (175x240mm), 2 reproductions in black and white on matte paper (175x240mm). Very good condition, few corners folded. All large format pictures are marked with the stamp of Heuliez Cerizay.

Drawings of a small car concept car for Citroën by the Heuliez Cerizay study center.
Most of the drawings are signed by Yves Dubernard or Guy Greffier. Those of Greffier carry the date of 1971. One would be thus at the very beginning of their respective careers at Heuliez.
Model obviously never out, but we see what could be an AX in gestation.
Rare together.

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