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[VIEUX PAPIERS]. Lot de documents : Jacques Duboin député socialiste. 

s.l., s.n., [v. 1970].

documents various sizes and types. Foldings on the majority of documents.

Lot of 14 documents having belonged to Jacques Duboin (1878-1976), economist and politician of which we disperse part of the library.

- Letter signed by Vladimir Socoline dated 05/09/1949
- Extract from a speech by Jacques Duboin in the Chamber of Deputies in 1922, calling on the Minister of the Armed Forces Maginot on a bill to modernize the armies.
- Extract from an article published in December 1962 in Réflexions d'un français français (economic bulletin written by Jacques Duboin).
- 2 letters from 1964 relating to the candidacy of Jeanne Mélin-Thalès for the Nobel Peace Prize, both signed by the latter (just before her death).
- 4 letters of greeting or various correspondence addressed to Jacques Duboin.
- 3 letters from Maurice Laudrain (signed) about the French Movement for Abundance.
- 2 copies of the minutes of the 1977 annual congress of the French Movement for Abundance.

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