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HAÜY, René Just. Sur l'électricité produite dans les minéraux, à l'aide de la pression. (publié dans les Annales de Chimie et de Physique tome V). 

Paris, Crochard, 1817.

8vo (200x125 mm), 448 pages and 5 folding tables and 1 plate (p.95-101 for Haüy works).  binding : Contemporary half calf, flat spine. Slightly rubbed. 

First edition.
First observation of Piezoelectricity!
Abbé Haüy had already discovered a few years before the triboelectricity of crystals and pyroelectricity had been known since the middle of the eighteenth century but in this article he published for the first time his work on the production of electricity from crystals thanks to pressure ( simple finger pressure on an Iceland spar).
His work will then be continued by Antoine Becquerel then by Pierre Curie who will discover the piezoelectricity of quartz in 1880 and will theorize this field (Curie will also strongly question the observations of Haüy, attributing them to surface electricity). (Blondel, Haüy and electricity, Revue d'histoire des sciences, 1997).

In the same volume articles by Poisson, Laplace, Faraday and Sertürner with the first mention of the name of morphine.

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