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GAUSS, Carl Friedrich. Disquisitiones generales circa superficies curvas. 

Göttingen, Dieterich, 1828.

4to (238x196 mm), 50 pages.  binding : Modern half sheep. With some foxing, foxing. 

First edition. Scarce offprint of this major work for modern geometry.

references: Norman [880 : "Gauss's interest in geodesy led him to write his 'General investigations of curved sufaces', which gave the definitive treatment of the differential geomtry of surfaces lying in three-dimensional space. It also advanced the radical concept that a surface is a space in itself-a concept implicating the existence of a non-Euclidean geometry"], DSB : [V, p. 304 : "The crowning contribution of the period, and his last breakthrough in a major new direction of mathematical research was Disquisitiones generales circa superficies curvas (1828), which grew out of his geodesic meditations of three decades and was the seed of more than a century of work on differential geometry"].

provenance: W.P. Thysen (ownership inscription on title and bookplate).

Price : 4000 €

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