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LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. Traité du calcul differentiel et du calcul integral. 1797-1798-1800.

Photo LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 

LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 

Traité du calcul differentiel et du calcul integral. 

Paris, J.B.M. Duprat, 1797-1798-1800.

Three 4to (249x192 mm), xxxii-519-(5) pages and 4 folding plates / (2)-viii-732 pages, 2 folding table and 2 folding plates / (2)-viii-582 and 1 folding plate.  binding : Bound in later quarter with embossed immitation straight-grained morocco sides sheep. Some foxing. 

Photo LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 

First edition.
Rare with the third volume, published separatly, under the title "Traité des différences et des séries" and that will be included in the second edition of the "Traité du calcul differentiel et du calcul integral".

references: DSB [VII p.550 : "The first volume of Lacroix's treatise on the calculs, in which he united all the scattered methods, harmonized them, developed them, and joined has own ideas to them, appeared in 1797. It was followed by a second volume in 1798, and a third appeared in 1800 under the title - Traité des différences et des séries - (a second edition appeared in three volumes [1810, 1814, 1819]). This monumental work constituted a clear picture of mathematical analysis, documented and completely up to date. While Lacroix followed Euler on many points, he incorporated the various advances made since the middle on the eighteenth century. The treatise is a very successful synthesis of the works of Euler, Lagrange, Laplace, Monge, Legendre, Poisson, Gauss, and Cauchy, whose writings are followed up to the year 1819"].

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Photo LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 
Photo LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 
Photo LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 
Photo LACROIX, Sylvestre Francois. 
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