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[SCIENCES]. Documents de travail d'un société des sciences de Marseille. 1740.

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Documents de travail d'un société des sciences de Marseille. 

Marseille, s.n., 1740.

Set of handwritten documents, various sizes. Foldings. 

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Interesting set of working documents of a Scienfitic Society from Marseille in the 18th century.
At the beginning of the eighteenth century two projects of a foundation of a Marseille Academy clashed, the first wanted to devote himself solely to Sciences, the second on the model of the French Academy, wanted to focus on Letters. It is the second project supported by the governor of Provence which won the support of Louis XV and the Academy of Belles-Lettres de Marseille was founded in 1726. It was only in a second time, in 1766, that it will open up to Sciences and the Arts.
We imagine the dismay of Marseilles scientists during the interval, and it is probably this frustration which is at the origin of the creation of the Société des Sciences de Marseille of which we present some documents here.
Lot consisting of 6 pieces:
- 3 transcripts of speeches, one of which addresses the question of the rules of the "Academy" which excluded the religious. It offers openness to abbots and monks, those with interest libraries, but seeking a solution that avoids animosities between the different orders.
- Speech by the perpetual secretary summarizing the work of the Academy during the period 1739-1740.
- Work report: Geometry of Mr Gérard, Mechanics of Mr De Pontis.
- Bundle of 10 tickets, "Tasks of the Academicians for 1741": Each academician offers on a small autograph ticket signed the scientific work they undertake to address during the year 1741. We find the names of Ganteaume, De Pontis , Pelissery, Gérard, Saint-Jacques, Roussin.

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