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[LA BEAUMELLE, L. Anglivel de || VOLTAIRE || EULER, Leonhard & MAUPERTUIS & MERIAN]. Recueil de quatre ouvrages :
1. [LA BEAUMELLE, L. Anglivel de]. Lettre du czar Pierre à Mr de Voltaire sur son histoire de Russie. 1761. sn, sl
2. [LA BEAUMELLE, L. Anglivel de]. Réponse au supplément du siècle de Louis XIV, 1754, Colmar.
3. [VOLTAIRE, François-Marie- Arouet (dit)], Histoire abrégée des religions du monde, ou l'analyse de l'Encyclopédie de Voltaire, première partie, [Seconde partie,] 1770. Cramer, Genève
4. EULER, Leohnard & MAUPERTUIS & MERIAN. Lettres concernant le jugement de l'Académie Royale des sciences et belles-lettres de Prusse, Paris, chez Durand et Pissot, 1753. 

s.l., s.n., 1753-1770.

First editions of these four book in one volume.

The two books "Lettre du czar Pierre à Mr de Voltaire sur son histoire de Russie" and "Réponse au supplément du siècle de Louis XIV" highlight a discord between two French intellectuals: Beaumelle (1726-1773) and Voltaire (1694 -1778).
The quarrel begins when La Beaumelle refuses to showt the letters from La Maintenon, which he owned, to Voltaire. Then follows a literary quarrel in which La Beaumelle undertakes to correct the errors of the following writings by Voltaire "Les Anecdotes sur le czar Pierre le Grand" and "l'Histoire de l'empire de Russie sous Pierre le Grand".
Then, La Beaumelle became "the enemy" of Voltaire and the two men can not be reconciled.

The third book is a condensed work written by Voltaire, in order to present his encyclopedia to be published later (it will be a major work). Voltaire explains his philosophical and theological reflections on God, idolatry, monotheistic and polytheistic religions.

This fourth book is related to a controversy between Maupertuis and König.
Indeed in 1744, Maupertuis exposes his "principle of the least action" which is an important principle of physics (according to which the dynamics of a physical quantity can be deduced from a single magnitude called action. Fundamental principles of physics can be formulated from this principle.).
In 1753, König publishes an article claiming the primacy of this discovery to Leibniz. Voltaire supports this version and will constantly ridicule Maupertuis, until breaking his privileged relationship with the King of Prussia, Frederic II who support Maupertuis.
This book contains the text of the letters by Euler, Merian and Maupertuis, defending the work of the latter. It mainly questioning the authenticity of a Leibniz's letter on which König relies on, quoting only extracts.
In fact, even if since the authenticity of the writing of Leibniz is recognized and that work on the subject had been conducted before by Fermat and Leibniz, the contribution of Maupertuis is decisive.
This principle was rigorously demonstrated by Lagrange in 1760.

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