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LOUVET de COUVRAY, Jean-Baptiste || TIMAR, Émeric. Les Amours du Chevalier de Faublas,
illustrés de quatre-vingt-dix eaux-fortes en couleurs de Timar. 

Paris, Francis Guillot, 1932.

First edition illustrated by Timar.

One of the 30 copies of the leading print on Imperial Japan paper, including the 90 etchings in color, a suite of all boards with remarks, drawn in black, and 3 original sketches signed by the artist, 3 watercolors and 3 inked brass , corresponding to the originals.
This one is the n ° 1.

"Les Amours du Chevalier de Faublas", by Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray (1760-1797), is a libertine novel which describes, with a fast paced rhythm, the love adventures of a young provincial aristocrat, who lived in the capital with his father and his sister.
It consists in many comic episodes, even if the third part is darker and announces the "roman noir". Another important feature of the novel, the hero, with androgynous beauty, is very often transvestite.

Emeric Timar (1898-1950) is a Hungarian illustrator, engraver and painter. He moved to Paris in 1925, in the inter-war period when the capital is still the center of the art world.
The artist focuses on the illustration of classics of Literature. He signs his works just by "Timar". He uses various media such as etching, aquatintl, lithography and watercolor.
According to the Bénézit dictionary, "His approach brings him closer to certain masters of the time, such as Édouard Goerg or Démétrios Galanis".
His work is perfectly highlighted with the illustrations of "Amours du Chevalier de Faublas".

The illustrations are in very high quality, and highlight the style of the artist. Expressive, vivid and realistic, they are in perfect harmony with the text.

In addition, the three sketches in black pencil, signed in ink by the artist, were used in the preliminary work of the engravings. They reflect the vivacity of his manner of drawing. These sketches highlight three characteristic aspects of Timar's style. With the first sketch of the two lovers kissing, he combines the curves of bodies with the one of the tree, with great delicacy. In the second and third sketches, he shows his ability to stage figures in balanced compositions. And the emotions of the figures are perfectly pictured, such as modesty, surprise, laughter, etc.

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