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FOURCY. Analyse des eaux alkalino-martiales de Trye-Le-Chateau, avec l'exposition de leurs propriétés. 

Amsterdam, J. Fr. Valade, 1779.

12mo (165x95 mm), 35 pages.  binding : Twentieth-century full marbled paper. 

First edition.
Chemical analysis of the waters of Trye-le-chateau (now Trie-Chateau near Gisors in the Eure region). Fourcy advises these waters for stomach diseases.

references: Neville [I, p.274 : "A detailed analysis of the middle alkaline mineral water at Trye-le-Chateau, a village near Gisors and Chaumont. The spring was owned by M. Pelvilain who sold the waters and published ths book. Fourcy, an apothecary in the army and inspector-general in of the mineral waters in France, was a member of several scientific societies, including (he claims) the Royal Society of London)... Fourteen experiments on the mineral waters at Trye-le-Chateau are described. Fourcy concludes that they are ferruginous and that the iron is held in solution by other salts. He describes the formation of a little Prussian blue, indicating the presence of traces of iron solution. Very rare. Unknown to the usual bibliographers"].


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