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[ART JAPONAIS]. 12 numéros de la revue Kokka. 

Japon, Okakura Tenshin, [1890-1902].

Twelve issues under folder (380x280 mm).  binding : Original printed wrappers under vellum covered cardboard folder. Fresh copy. 

Set of issues of the magazine Kokka the "flower of the nation" of Japanese art. Illustrated with dozens of reproductions of prints, paintings, statuary, furniture ...

"This journal is the oldest and most prestigious Japanese periodical devoted to the arts still published today. For more than a century, Kokka has been an authoritative author for the finesse of its analyzes and the quality of its documentary research, and continues to exert a notable influence on the classification of works of art by the State, and therefore on heritage policy. " (Christophe Marquet, Defense and illustraion of national art at the end of the 19th century: the creation of the Kokka review, 2005)

Created in October 1889, the review will be a worldwide success, from 1902 the summary will also be systematically translated into English. Our copies, only Japanese, were therefore published before this date.


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