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FLOURENS, Pierre-Jean-Marie. Recherches expérimentales sur les propriétés et les fonctions du système nerveux dans les animaux vertébrés. 

Paris, Crevot, 1824.

Three works bound in on 8vo (200x128 mm), (4)-xxvi-(2)-331 pages / 52 pages / (4)-iv-53-(1 bl.) pages and one table leaf.  binding : Contemporary quarter sheep. Important foxing. Spine dammaged.

Bound after :
- "Mémoire sur cette Question : Les lésions des différentes parties de l'encéphale et de la moelle épinière peuvent-elles être distinguées par des Signes spéciaux" par M. Sandras.
Bound after :
- "Expériences sur le système nerveux, par P.Flourens; faisant suite aux recherches expérimentales sur les propriétés et les fonctions du système nerveux dans les animaux vertébrés du même auteur". 1825.
First edition of two important works by Flourens who is considered one of the founders of experimental neuroscience.

With an autograped letter signed Flourens.

references: I. Garrison & Morton [1493: "Experimental proof that vision depends on the integrity of the cerebral cortex"], Norman [804 : "Flourens was one of the chief opponents of Gall's doctrine of cerebral localization, and devised several experiments to refute it. The present work describes Flourens's series of experiments on pigeons, in which he selectively removed either the cerebral lobes or the cerebellum in order to demonstrate their roles in brain physiology. The pigeons deprived of their cerebral lobes retained their sense of equilibrum, but lost all sense of volition and showed no sensory awareness of their surroundings; in contrast, those deprived of their cerebellums lost all ability to coordonate their musclar motions, but retained their ability to initiate movement and process sensoryu information. Flourens conclude from these experiments that the cerebral lobes were the seat of intelligence and perception, while the faculty of muscular coordination resided in the cerebellum; however, he insisted that the entire brain acted as a whole with respect to each functions"], Heirs [1513 : "Flourens was one of the giants in the production of basic experimental neurological researches for which the nineteenth century was so notable in France. This book contains the most important research findings and neurophysiological principles which Flourens assembled during his extensive animal experiments while professor of comparative anatomy at the University of Paris. He correctly separated in general terms the functions of the cerebrum, medulla, and particularly elucidated the functions of the cerebellum. His approach to the function of the cerebrum was simplistic, and he did not acknowledge any special functional areas in the cerebral cortex"], III. Norman [807 : "Three physiological memoiries communicated to the Académie des Sciences on 27 december 1824 : "Expériences sur l'encéphale des poissons," "Extrait des recherches sur la cicatrisation des plaies du cerveau", and "Recherches sur les conditions fondamentales de l'audition, et sur diverses causes de la surdité." The last marks th beginning of Flourens's important researches on the inner ear of birds, in which he discovered that lesions of the semicircular canals produced loss of equilibrum, vertigo and convulsive movements of the head and eyeballs"].

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