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WEYER, Joannes [WIER, WEIR, WIERUS]. De praestigiis daemonum, & incantationibus ac veneficiis libri sex, postrema editione sexta aucti & recogniti.
Accessit liber apologeticus et pseudo monarchia daemonum
- De Lamiis Liber. 1582. 

Bale, Officina Oporiniana, 1583.

Two works bound in one 4to (238x180 mm), 16 pages, and after two column per page, col. 17 to 924 and (35)-(2 bl.) table pages / 6 pages, col. 7 to 138 and (7)-(2bl.) table pages. Complete copy with the two blank leaves Ss4 and K4. Signatures : a-z4, A-Z4, Aa-Ss4 (Ss4 bl.) / A-K4 (K4 bl.).  binding : Seventeenth-century full stiff vellum. A few light waterstains on few leaves. 

Very good copy of this famous work on demonology and witchcraft.
1. De praestigiis daemonum :
Sixth edition.
Divided in sith parts :
- 1st on devil and hell
- 2nd on wizards
- 3rd on witches
- 4th on possession diseases and evil spells;
- 5th on how to heal the possessed
- 6th punishment for witches and wizards.
As appendice since 1577, we found the "Pseudomonarchia daemonum" in which Weyer describe sixty-nine eminent demons, members of the infernal monarchy with the description of their specialties in hell, and ways to ward them off.
Work also important in the history of medicine.
"This is the first major European work to make an empirical, scientific approach to the study of mental illness, and one of the most celebrated exposés of the witchcraft delusion (...) Weyer asseted that mos of witches were actually suffering from mental illness" (Normann).

Sigmund Freud cited this work as one of the ten most important books of all time.

2. De Lamiis Liber. (Book on witches).
Second edition.
A summary of the Wier's thesis to answer the critics of Thomas Erastus.
This book will be censured , burned by the Lutheran University of Marburgand and made Weyer lose his title of Doctor ...

references: Garrison & Morton [4916 (ed. 1563) : "Weyer was the first European physician to take an empirical, scientific approach to the study of mental illness. At the height of the witchcraft delusion he argued that witches were mentally ill women who deserved humane treatment instead of torture and punishment. Weyer reduced the clinical problems of psychopathology to simple terms of everyday life and everyday, human, inner experiences"], Normann[2213] & Normann [2223].

provenance: J. Strohl (bookplate), Religious institution (partially erased stamp on title page of the "Praestigiis daemonum.").


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