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MANUSCRIT d'ALCHIMIE. Secrets de Chymie et d'Alchymie, Pour les hommes et les métaux. 

s.l., s.n., [v.1750].

Important eighteenth century alchemical manuscript in an amazing lock binding to protect the secrets it contains.
The writer, unknown, has collected in this manuscript an important sum dealing with different aspects of alchemy.
The first part (p.1 to 192) of the manuscript deals with the operative alchemy with numerous Secrets of Chymie and Alchemy.
The operations of the alchemical work are detailed,

The second part deals with spiritual alchemy (pages 193 to 394).
It is presented in the form of a Collection of letters written by a philosopher Adept with two Answers of a wandering philosopher.
The letters of the adept are signed D.L.C. and dated 1673 and 1675, those of the wandering philosopher being signed D.P. (Desport.) Phil. Indigne (p.336) or Ph.Indigne.
We did not find a print edition of these first two parts.
The last part consists mainly of the transcript of Respour's alchemy treatise: "Rares experiences sur l'esprit minéral" published in 1668. There are some differences in the text, but very marginal, but surprisingly the title to the manuscript is different ("Expériences rares et occultes sur l'esprit minéral, ou est enseignée la manière de faire les agens nécessaires, qui ont été jusqu'à aujourd'hui inconnus et cachez par les anciens Philosophes pour la transmutation des corps metalliques" and announced as being translated from the Latin, while this treaty was written in French (and is also claimed as such in the preface).
The treatise of Respour is "one of the most curious dealing with the philosopher's stone" (Caillet) and is known to chemists because it is certainly the first time that the word "zinc" is used.
At the end there are some extract of Basil Valentine.
This manuscript contains some brief scholarly annotations, in another hand, judging the quality of the manuscript and in particular the second part on spiritual alchemy.

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