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MONGE, Gaspard. Géométrie descriptive. Leçons données aux écoles normales, l'An 3 de la république.
[Bound with]
Feuilles d'analyse appliquée à la géométrie à l'usage de l'École Polytechnique. 

Paris, Baudouin, An VII [1799] - An 9 [1801.

Very good copy of two very important warks of Gaspard Monge.
The first is the first edition of the 'Géométrie descriptive. '. Paris, 1799.
First issue with the errata at the verso of page vii.
"Monge is regarded as the creator of descriptive geometry, for 'it ws he who elegantly and methodically converted the group of graphical procedures used by practionners into a general uniform technique based on simple an rigorous reasoning and methods ...Monge's systematic use of cylindrical projection and, more discreetly, that of central projection, opened the way to the parallel creation of projective and modern geometry' (DSB). It was primarily through Monge's teachings, both at the ephemeral École de l'an III and the École Polytechnique, that descriptive geometry, analytical geometry and differential geometry were established as special fields".(Norman)

The second work is the second edition of the: "Feuilles d'analyse appliquée à la géométrie à l'usage de l'École Polytechnique. Pairs. 1801".
The first edition appeared in 1795 as simple leaves given to the students.
In this work, Monge "assembled, along with general considerations regarding the theory of surfaces and the geometric interpretation of partial differential equations, monographs on about twenty families of surfaces defined by their mode of generation." (DSB [IX p. 476]).

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