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Alchemy. Zacaire. 1574.
Opuscule très-excellent de la vraye Philosophie naturelle des métaulx.
Full morocco binding

ZACAIRE, Denis. Opuscule très-excellent de la vraye Philosophie naturelle des métaulx, traictant de l’augmentation & perfection d’iceux, Avec advertissement d’éviter les folles despences qui se font ordinairement par faute de vraye science.... Avec le traicté de vénérable Docteur Allemand Messire Bernard Comte de la Marche Trevisane sur le mesme subject. 

Lyon, Benoist Rigaud, 1574.

"Denis Zacaire or Dionysius Zacharius (1510?-1560 or 1570?) was born in Guyenne and sent by his parents first to Bordeaux and then to Toulouse, in order to study law. But his masters in both universities were alchemists; and by the time he got to Toulouse, Zacaire carried a notebook of thousands of recipes abstracted from alchemical texts and had committed the funds supplied for his legal studies to the purchase of a laboratory. When his tutor died of a fever contracted during alchemical endeavours, Zacaire's parents discovered his hermetic inclination and cut off his money. They conveniently died soon after, so that Zacaire, at his majority, let out their estate and devoted all of his income to a long series of processes suggested to him by an unknown Italian in Toulouse, an old abbe called the Philosopher. After raising more money from his relatives on the expectation of his going to Paris to seek a legal position, Zacaire executed some one hundred diverse experiments. After three years in Paris, he was commissioned by Antoine d'Albret, King of Navarre, to teach the secrets of alchemy for a very handsome fee. On his return after the completion of this assignment, Zacaire met, as seemed to be his wont, a stray old wise man who advised him to stop collecting processes and to study instead the writings of the masters. After two years he devised an entirely original experiment that, in 1550, yielded the Divine Tincture. Shortly after this success, his new bride murdered him in his sleep at Cologne and escaped with their servant and Zacaire's precious powder. He wrote but one work, Opuscule tres-excellent de la vraye Philosophic naturelle des metaulx (Lyon, Benoist Rigaud, 1574), which included commentaries on the Turba" (in "Alchemy a comprehensive bibliography of the manly P.Hall Collection")


Results (1 - 23) of 23
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