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PUGNET, Jean-François-Xavier. Mémoires sur les fièvres de mauvais caractère du levant et des antilles, avec un aperçu physique et médical du Sayd, et un essai sur la topographe de Sainte-Lucie dédiés à l'empereur. 

Lyon, Reymann, An XII - 1804.

8vo (200x120 mm), xvi-396-(2) pages and a folding plate.  binding : Contemporary quarter sheep, flat spine. 

Jean-François-Xavier Pugnet (1765-1846) was a French military doctor who distinguished himself during the Egyptian campaign, first at the Rosette hospital and then at Cairo where he was confronted with the plague. He then went to the West Indies to study yellow fever and compare it to Levant fevers.
He compiles his observations from 1802, here the most complete edition plus the part on Saint Lucia.

The folding plate takes up a low relief collected in Egypt in a tomb representing the fertilization of the Earth by the Sun.

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