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LEVI-STRAUSS, Claude. Lettre autographe signée. 

s.l., s.n., 14 janvier [1941].

Two handwritten pages (215x180 mm). Central folding. 

We are in January 1941, Claude Levi-Strauss after his demobilization is appointed as professor in Montpellier but is dismissed at the end of 1940 following the racial laws of Vichy. He then seeks to recover his works that have remained at the Museum and for this, asks the recipient to be put in touch with Louise Alcan:
"I, of course, left my functions last month and my great concern is the recovery of all my scientific documents, currently deposited at the Museum, and without which it is impossible for me to return to work".
Louise Alcan (spelled Alkan in the letter) is then a member of the resistance network of the Musée de L'Homme, she will be deported at the end of the war to Auschwitz.
A few months later Claude Levi-Strauss will go into exile in New York.

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