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DARWIN, Charles. De La Variation des animaux et des plantes sous l' action de la domestication. 

Paris, C. Reinwald, 1868.

Two volumes 8vo (225x145 mm), xvi-444-(1)-17 pages / (4)-531-(6) pages.  binding : Full cloth from the publisher, signed by Lenègre. Paper with foxings, edges uncrop. 

First edition in French. Translation by JJ Moulinié.
In addition to the remarks on the domestication of animals (which is a bias of unnatural selection) Darwin exposes in this book for the first time his theory of Pangenesis.
Darwin seeks there a support of hereditary information and puts forward the hypothesis of cellular buds which would transmit the characters of the parents. The hypothesis is false but we feel that genetics are in fact not very far.

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